Memories and windy roads

Starting my day with a flat tire, run down brakes and going to a bike shop. Meanwhile I took the van for a spin. Windy roads towards the castle and cliffs reminded me of Panama in a way. The walk along the cliffs though made me feel like I'm in Hana, Hawaii. Also I really like the smell of British bar food. Same in the US. So many memories all day. Towards the end of the day I played the song "No one" at the cliffs. Came up a new lick. Let's see if I'll still like it tomorrow. My personal funeral of "Out of the Mud" at "Spyglass and Kettle", where we played pretty much exactly three years ago, ended a strange day. Ironically the food didn't live up to the smell. Also  Shawn Mullins stuck in head, "Living out of my van from town to town.." One of the greatest songs ever, one of the best albums I know. Always moves me