Forthcoming Album

Down the Road

Down the Road is a recording project, studio album and possibly a live tour. Taking place in different parts of the world with amazing fellow musicians and friends. Composing, arranging, recording, traveling, rehearsing, hanging and of course partying are part of the whole thing.


It's in honor of my late brother Christian who passed away in 2008. The things we absolutely had in common were the passion for music, traveling and having a kick ass time with friends and family. These are the cornerstones for this project.


The basic ideas have already been written. A lot of the lyrics I wrote in 2008/09. Over the years filling them with music and melodies.


I would like to finish it by July 26, 2019, which would have been his 50th birthday. Also I'll be 39 by then. The age he was when he passed.


There's no budget nor an intention to make money off of it.